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55 ROV Clamp Connetcors

Flooding Caps

Protection Cap

Flooding Caps

55 Test/Flush 12"

Clamp Connector

Preasure Test Equipment
up to 1800 BAR

Pressure Test
of Protection Cap

3D Measurement Machine
1500x1000x1000 mm

Production - Quality - CRM Systems

We wanted to make sure the work management systems we used directly addressed and supported our vision of “Quality on Time.” That means we took the time to find or be inspired by some of the most highly-regarded technology platforms available internationally. The result is that today, we employ production, organization and workflow tools that are critical to helping us meet our own exceptionally high standards of 100% quality and delivery reliability for our customers.

Supply Chain Management

The customers we work for have some pretty sizable demands, and their expectations of us are usually quite high. That might keep other machine sub-contractors on pins and needles, but frankly, we like being challenged. That’s what keeps us on the cutting edge and keeps what we do so interesting. Every day, with every project, having happy customers at the end of the process is uppermost on our minds. Our systems can detect the likelihood of delays very early in the process so it can be immediately addressed. This helps us maintain our stellar on-time delivery reputation.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of suppliers and have established solid working relationships with the very best of those. For us, what makes a great supplier is one that shares our ethic of 100% satisfaction in quality and delivery of product. But while we trust them, we also watch them, monitoring and evaluating to make sure our standards are met and giving each supplier a quarterly evaluation.

LHM knows you want insight and transparency too, which is why our supply chain management system is Internet-based so that whenever you like, you can:

  • See the status of your order
  • See which orders have been delivered and when
  • Get a feel for our available capacity
  • Place orders and ask questions online

Lean Manufacturing

To stay ahead of the game and be as competitive in the market as possible, LHM approaches every day as an opportunity to look for ways to improve on delivery and optimize our processes. Lean & mean. We’re always looking to improve on how we manage delivery schedules, how we maintain the already exceptional quality of our products, and how we streamline our production flow. If there’s a bottleneck, we’ll find it.


If you ever visit us at LHM and ask, “How do you maintain such fast reaction and low turnaround times?” we’d tell you it’s all about effective and transparent production, powered by a special Kanban card planning system, and self-guided groups that empower our workers right on the shop floor. Those groups are closest to the where it’s all happening and are best equipped to plan and control daily production.